dryness was a real problem for me

I started Tributary Botanicals to find a natural, hormone-free solution to address the symptoms of dryness I was experiencing as I got older, which, as I passed 60, had increasingly become a real problem for me. I spoke with hundreds of other women and found that I was not alone — symptoms of dryness are a problem for women of any age, and they only get worse over the years. Dry skin, chapped lips, and a lack of feminine hydration can all contribute to not feeling or looking our best.

Personally, I tried everything — topical moisturizers, balms, conditioners, and lubricants that claim to address dryness. Though some of these products provided temporary relief, none of them provided lasting hydration or addressed dryness where it begins, internally.

As I began to look for answers, I discovered that traditional herbs offered a different approach. Plant-based remedies have a long history of use to ease symptoms of dryness, a benefit now supported by modern research.

Inspired by what I learned, I sought the expertise of a well-respected herbalist with more than 30 years of clinical experience to help me find the natural solution I was hoping for. Informed by published research, and grounded in the tenets of traditional herbalism, Tributary was born. This organic dietary supplement contains no added hormones and is an easy-to-take liquid, herbal tincture. It works from the inside out to help increase hydration and relieve dryness.*

Join me and discover your own tributary.

Jill Monk

Founder and CEO
certified organic
no added hormones
high-quality botanicals
professionally formulated

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